Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Editor

Yeah. So I'm not so great at updating a blog at regular intervals it would seem. A life lesson I guess.

Progess has been made on my current project "Frozenmoon" which is an action, dungeon-crawl in the same vain as Gauntlet and Dungeon Explorer.

I've begun work on a game editor (textures, tilesets, sprites, maps, etc) because I know that the if the process of creating content is difficult then finishing the game will be difficult. The editor will use a simple MDI approach to organizing internal windows. I'm kinda a fan of the MDI interface because of how easy it is to keep a large number of different windows contained.

An example of the MDI interface.

Since I'm using XNA I've made it my mission to use every pieces of the framework. The content pipeline component allows me to automatically serialize and deserialize information in both the editor and the game. This way I can build something in the editor and load it directly into the game without having to write my own Export/Import functionality. Score one for lazyness I guess.

So far I've been able to complete the texture and tileset pieces. Since both are relatively straight forward they were the first to be done.

An example of the Texture and Tileset components.

The sprite component is a little more complicated. It is essentially a tileset that also has a list of animations (start frame, end frame, fps, looping). I've made it so you can select a range of tiles and create an animation from them, but I'm struggling on how best to display animation information. Maybe a datagrid? Maybe a simple list? I'll have to experiment!

An example of the Sprite component.

Take Care!
(hopefully it won't be another two weeks until I update again)

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